8 Cost Effective Home Decor Ideas That You Can do at Home

Almost everyone think of spending money when it comes to decorate the home one has bought recently. However, it does not hold always true. Sometimes, we should learn from our school going kids about the projects on decoration they do. As a rule, the teacher would give projects to get the decorative items from waste materials and scraps that either we sell or throw.

Hence, it is also feasible to create decorative products out of waste materials. We need to use our creative bent of mind to develop home décor items that will surely save potential amount of money which we can use buying home appliances, computers and other household items.

In this article we will guide you as to cheap home decorating ideas that you can do at home.

Art designed by children

These days, the children are extremely creative due to presence of advanced kids’ education system, television, smartphone and ultramodern drawing equipment are quite helpful to create beautiful designs. The kids usually participate in the drawing competition and do well. Which we generally don’t pay heed once the project is finished.

However, we can use these drawing as the decorating items which can be used in the kitchen and living room. It will not only look beautiful but also inspire the kids in the future for his creativity. Apart from this the artwork will create more bonding between you and your child. You can buy a photo frame or a digital photo frame for the artwork by your kids which can give your home a better look. Therefore, your kids are the important sources those can give you about not only study room decorating ideas but also living room decorating ideas.

Use tree branches

The trees and plants have been remaining in our favour forever. Every part of the tree is extremely useful for the human being since it provides fruits, flowers, shadow and eventually oxygen. There are many sorts of plants such as indoor and outdoor plants. The indoor plants can enhance the beautifulness of your home with little or no money even. Some indoor plants can be kept inside the colourful button in the home. You can get some creeper of green or any other shade that will enhance the gracefulness of your home with little or no money.

The magic of the old books

The books are the lifeline of our life. We exist respectfully in this world due to the contribution of the books. The happiness you get from the books can be found nowhere else. You may have huge old books at home. You can decorate these books in various places at your home. You can keep it creatively on your coffee table in the living room, side desk in the bed room and even kitchen. Your guest must not be boring if he or she is waiting for you. The guest can pass the time with great comfort on reading the books. Additionally, the books you keep in different places decoratively can motivate you to go through which will enhance your knowledge and intelligence.

Use tiles

The tiles can be the cheaper items to decorate the room. The people think of decorating the floor with tiles only. Whereas, we can decorate the wall as well. Especially, the kitchen and prayer room can be decorated with tiles. There are multicolour tiles available in the market. You can find the tiles printed with spiritual symbols.

Change the colour

Changing the colour of the home can be a beautiful and cheap idea that can give your home a new look every year. You can either change the colour every year or you may paint it as per your financial convenience. You can paint not only outside of the building but also every room inside such as living room, kitchen, master bed room, bathroom and store room etc. You can apply vastu rules while painting the building. There are many mobile applications these days available on Google play store for Vastu application at home. It can be a boon for the home decoration.

Apart from this you can change the colour of the curtain, bed sheets and pillow cover etc. to transform the look of the home occasionally.

Exchange the decorative items

Some changes inside the room with the items already you have can enhance beautifulness of your room. You can strategically put the decorative items such as figurines, antiques and flower vases etc. in different places in the room to give a new look. You can also create some items out of the waste materials to increase the beautifulness of the home.

Light-up the Jug

The jugs are the important pieces of decorating home by spending little amount of money. You should buy the jugs made of glass and fill it with multicolour lights. You can buy these lights from the electrical stores or gift emporium. This illuminating light can have great effects on the beautifulness of your home. You can buy different lights that are being used on the occasion of different festivals such as Diwali and Christmas.

Search the internet for the ideas

Internet is the boon and you can get better ideas by means of searching search giant Google and all other search engines. You may also search YouTube the world’s most popular video search engine where a lot of professionals such as architects and interior designers have uploaded their videos pertaining to home and office decoration ideas completely free of cost. You can also get great ideas from home décor online shopping portals.

You will find much information in the form of articles, blogs, infographics and forums etc. There are people who have been discussing all about home and office decoration on various forum portals. Apart from this, there are authority bloggers who have been writing content on home decoration completely free of cost. You can simply subscribe these blogs to get updated as to home, office and interior decoration etc.


Though getting ideas about home decoration can be little tedious, you can get great ideas by means of internet, friends and family members. Do share your thought with them and you are likely to get great ideas. Moreover, you can also visit home decoration online stores on the internet to get new ideas to make your home beautiful.

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